Are You Eating Too Much Fat?

  Recent times everyone is looking for a new diet mantra ‘Low Carb High fat’ . But ,in my opinion, as a nation we are oil and fat-friendly people. All our namkeens, Kachoris, Wada, Samosa, Puris , which are part of daily cuisine , are all fried .Then again,  we cook vegetables till they lose … Continue reading Are You Eating Too Much Fat?

Diet Resolutions – Common Pitfalls

2018 has arrived for many of us with a sense of déjà vu – broken promises of going on a ‘Diet’.  Why are these promises broken? In most cases it is because “Fad Diets” never work. Self experimentation and wrong nutritional guidance can play havoc with your health. Listing  some of the common mistakes/myths about … Continue reading Diet Resolutions – Common Pitfalls